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NFC: Admin Notice: New Actwin Lists

Hey Everyone.
We've moved three new lists over to Actwin from Evil List Bot. :)  Major
Domo outranks him, so... :)  

We now have AdoptATank, BPEzine, and NFCPonds.  You can subscribe to
these by sending mail to Majordomo at actwin_com with the command
"Subscribe <list>" in the body.  

The AdoptATank list is for discussing issues pertainent to AdoptATank.  
The BPEzine is a monthly posting of the Breeder's Program's Ezine.  No
"chat" or posts allowed.  I haven't quite locked this one properly yet,
so it may be spammy for the next few days.  The pond list is for
discussion of issues about ponds, whether its stocking the backyard pond
with Sunnies instead of Goldfish, or figuring out how to get the
Damnbusia out of the pond that borders your yard.  

Joshua L. Wiegert
NFC Lists Administrator                          JLW at pi_dune.net
www.geocities.com/RainForest/Jungle/1680/        owner-nfc at actwin_com
ICQ 69553561                                     AIM UID: Etheosoma
Feel free to contact me by any of the above means for any reason.
   tIqDaq HoSna' tu'lu'           nIteb Qob quD jup 'e' chaw'be' SuvwI'
NFC Lists include the main 'NFC' list, 'NFC-Digest,' 'NFCBreeders' and
Fish Wish List (FWL).  To subscribe to any of these, e-mail
Majordomo at actwin_com with the command subscribe <listname>.  To
unsubscribe, use the command unsubscribe <list>.  Help returns a list of
other commands, or feel free to contact me at Owner-NFC at actwin_com.  All
lists are @actwin.com. Come join us and chat about our native fishes, or
visit http://www.nativefish.org!