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Re: NFC: RE: Native Fish Keeping

	Oh, then ... maybe I should remove the Fundulus chrysotus from my
tropical tank of Clown loaches, corydora, glass catfish and Otocinclus?
But, F. chrysotus are from Florida which is a bit tropical.

On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Kristine Weisbrod Massin wrote:

> please, please tell me you are planning on removing the tropicals first!!  
> Mixing tropicals & natives is a very bad plan.  First, the two groups 
> generally have very different water requirements in terms of temps, 
> hardness, pH, etc.  (splitting the difference between the two ideals does 
> NOT work well!)  Then there is the issue of parasites & diseases...the two 
> groups also carry different ones and have different tolerances. What your 
> natives may be fairly immune to but carriers of, your tropicals will die 
> from, and vice versa.  The problems go on & on.  Give your tropicals to a 
> friend or back to a pet store.  Or buy a seperate tank.
> >You didn't specify, but are you looking to replace the tropicals with
> >natives, or mix them together? As Paul mentioned things can get a little
> >tricky when mixing them. I had assumed that you would be removing the
> >tropicals.
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