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Re: NFC: Adopt-A-Tank help needed on blue green algae, overfeeding

In a message dated 8/30/00 9:31:17 AM US Central Standard Time, 
JLW at pi_dune.net writes:

 The blue green algae will not respond to antibiotics, and is being
 caused by a high level of pollution, likely overfeeding.  You have to do
 something about that.  It does, also, like high-light -- are you getting
 a lot of sunlight or somesuch from somewhere?   An antibiotic is a
 dangerous short term solution -- look into solving the problem before
 you put a temporary patch over it.

Lots of indirect ambient light; it is an old Carnegie library with lots of 
huge windows.  Also has double bulb florescent light on about 10 hours per