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NFC: Crayfish Adopt-A-Tank update: Survivor Tank

Early last Spring, I hosted Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources non-game 
aquatic life biologist Brant Fisher giving a talk at the library.  NFC member 
Bill Flowers brought some of his collection to show and I brought a ten 
gallon aquarium with a large crayfish.  The library manager wanted to know if 
the crayfish was for them, so I donated the set up and crayfish for another 
display.  It is the biggest crayfish I have seen in Indiana so far and has 
been very popular.  

The staff named the crayfish "Chucky."

Early this summer, I added a bunch of cut up PVC pipe and rocks for 
additional hiding places and then added six other smaller crayfish.  I was 
under the impression that with sufficient hiding places, you could keep 
several crayfish in one tank.  

Turns out "Chucky" doesn't like roommates.  He immediately dispatched all but 
one of the new occupants.  When I rearrange the tank for cleaning, he 
immediately goes looking for the single survivor.  The only time the other 
one is seen is when I clean.  The new unofficial name for the tank is "The 
Survivor Tank."

At least one library patron went out and bought an aquarium and set up her 
own crayfish tank after seeing the NFC display.  

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA