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Re: NFC: RE: Native Fish Keeping

Also, if you are going to get serious about native fish it's a good idea to
pick up a copy of Peterson's Field Guide to Freshwater fish. Go to the NFC
website and click on the Amazon.com button, when you order, and the NFC
gets a percentage of the sale.

You didn't specify, but are you looking to replace the tropicals with
natives, or mix them together? As Paul mentioned things can get a little
tricky when mixing them. I had assumed that you would be removing the



Bet you had fun :)

The fish should be fine as you say, pull them inside before the tank has a
chance of freezing solid.

As for mixing fish:

This has always been the part which takes the most thought.  All fish have
behavior which makes them more or less suitable for a community tank such
your 125.  In general catfish - minnows are suited for a community tank.
mixing them in and introducing them on a first name basis to your
fish (if they are community fish) should be easy.

Although, you may not have minnows :)  So, identification is a good idea.
Also watch their behavior... (native I mean) and go to the library or
the net and find info on the fish :)  There's a bunch of pics at NFC =
www.nativefish.org 's got a great pic archive, and some great info!


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My grandchildren collected 7 minnows and three catfish minnows while we
at the lake last week.  I have them in a 15 gal tank on the patio.  All are
doing good I will soon have to bring the tank inside before it starts to
freeze outside.  I live in northwest New Jersey.  Can I wait until frost
then bring them inside?  Will I have a problem with the catfish?  This is
first attempt with wild caught fish.  I have a 125 gal. fresh water
fish, I would like to convert it to  native fish,  as the Fish get larger
can I introduce them to the larger tank?