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Re: NFC: Minnow traps...

Here's what the Texas regulations say---what do you make of the 
defination of the "throat"?

Minnow Trap: 
May be used to take NON-GAME fish only. 
Trapmay not exceed 24 inches in length or with a throat larger than 
    one by three inches. 

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> Gary Rollwage wrote:
> > 
> > Anybody out there ever enlarge the openings on wire-type minnow
> > traps to try and catch some larger fish?
> Caution: Many state laws forbid larger openings, to protect gamefish.
> In most states, where they are legal, at all, I think they are
> restricted to a 1" diameter.
> Check your local regs before you do it, OK?
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