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NFC: Re: NANFA-- Florida Collection Guide.

For those of you that don't also subscribe to the NANFA list, I thought
this may be of interest.


Hi All:

I'm responding to both Norm and the list in case anyone else is interested
in this publication.

The Florida Collecting Guide is available for $20. plus $3.20 Priority Mail
postage (2-3 days) or $1.58 Book Rate (2-3 weeks).  All the profits are
split between NANFA, the Central Florida Regional Group of NANFA, and the
Suncoast Killifish Society.  The authors, photographers and production
people have donated their time.

The publication was first made available at the A.K.A. convention in Tampa.
The first issue includes 63 color photos of Florida native fishes printed
heavy stock paper, information on collecting in Florida, regulations and
other relevant information important to the collector. Produced by NANFA
members within the SKS, the publication is in a three ring binder to allow
for planned supplements which will include collecting information and
of Florida's freshwater native fishes and invertebrates as well as aquarium
friendly plants.  We anticipate issuing one or two supplements a year until
we have covered as much of the state's freshwater fauna as is possible for
group of engergetic hobbyists.  The next supplement is planned for
February/March release and will include the first in a series on
plants.  A price for the supplement has not yet been set, but look for
announcements after the first of the year on this list and in American

We don't have an account set up yet, and sorry, no credit cards.  Make
or money order payable to the following:

Charles Nunziata
NANFA Central Florida Regional Coordinator
6530 Burning Tree Drive
Seminole, FL.  33777

Best to all,