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Re: NFC: Fw: Re: Sierra Club

> RR: 
> No offense Robert, but I felt that way about the SC 20 years ago. 
> It's my humble opinion as far as the rank and file republicans and democrats 
> are concerned, when it comes to the
> enviroment, they' re all a bunch of YO-YOs.  
> Republicans have had a terrible track record on the environment and
> conservation ever since Teddy Roosevelt left office and the Demos are a bunch of tree > huggers.  I'm fed up to my gills
> with both of them. 
> Kon 

I'll certainly second that. I learned to thoroughly despise the Sierra Club
more than *40* years ago, tho. I grew up in the Sierras.

The republocrats and the demopublicans have become indistinguishable as to
how much force will be used to cram what agenda du jour down our throats.
One thing they share is total protection for their corporate sponsors,
whether it is Tyson Chickens or ADM on one side, or GM and Philip Morris on
the other. Campaign funds *always* trump the environment we must live in, as
long as the people of this land will tolerate it.

When the government-mandatory-school educated kids now running the Sierra
Club and their elders, the hippies from the 60s, attack any environmental
problem, it is government force they advocate first (that's called liberal
"compassion"). Creating an adversary situation between concerned citizens
and the property/company owners is a lose-lose situation for all but the
entrenched bureaucracy that doesn't want that to change -- ever.

Robert mentioned the pupfish. 

By cooperation, the Ash Meadows pupfish, *Cyprinodon nevadensis mionectes*,
will go off the endangered list as soon as Crystal Reservoir is drained and
the last Bass eliminated from their habitat. They are numerous and
prospering. Hobbyists, the academics and rangers have done their part, but
it would never have happened without Nature Conservancy stepping in and
buying out the ranchers. That's certainly not the Sierra Club style.

Their kind of adversary relationship is characterized by what goes on across
the border in California, Sierra Club home stomping grounds. 

Some 20+ years ago, Phil Pister (CA F&G biologist) carried buckets of *Cypr.
radiosus* across the fields and established them in other refuges. A plan to
write a plan to restore the pupfish was proposed. For over 20 years, the
BLM, who manages the home habitat, has rented the land to cattle grazing
despite the damage to the springs and sloughs. They battle with CA Fish and
Game, as both fight with White Mt. Research Station (an agency of Univ. of
California charged with responsibility for the pupfish, but little authority
and no fish expert any more). The City of Bishop gets in the act as well as
the County of Inyo. The main population of pupfish lives mostly outside the
preserve, on land the City of LA rents to local cattle ranchers, which puts
them in the loop. Comfortably presenting papers at the annual Desert Fishes
Council meetings and waging the internal bureacratic wars has us entering a
third generation of bureaucratic paper pushers, with the recovery plan still
not anywhere in sight.

Twice in those 20 years, the BLM has let the pupfish population go extinct
in the original habitat, which they vigorously defend as a "wildlife
preserve." The fact that introduced bass eat all the pupfish isn't helped by
the vigorous campaign by BLM and F&G to keep *anyone* from catching the
bass. The US F&WL Dept. has their oar in this particular water as the prime
agency for protecting endangered species. Their presence is noticeable
mainly by its absence.

Political power requires maintaining the fish at endangered levels for as
long as possible, to support as many people in government as possible. That
is the Sierra Club's stock in trade. the wielding of that kind of political
power is what they are about, and the environment be damned.

Did you count, above, that at least 7 government agencies get to waste our
tax dollars on this boondoggle? It is in their (profoundly appreciated)
interest to make sure that the fish never come close to *not* being
endangered. The Sierra Club and their ilk have been repeating this story in
wetlands across the country. In northern NV, recently, it almost became open
warfare. In my opinion, they represent one of the most serious threats to
our environment, today.

Good for you, Robert, in recognizing something is wrong and taking action.


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