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Re: NFC: Sierra Club

I too have never understood how one political party could be deemed better
than the other on just the issues at hand. Wouldnt it be far better to look
at the long term effects that each party had effected ? Why would political
party affiliation be deemed a necessary prerequisite to get conservation
issues passed to promote the well-being of our planet? I would prefer this
thread --DEAD !!!
Charles Anderton
Ft.Worth, Texas
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> << I write this with sadness because the Sierra Club could have been so
>  more. >>
> Although no response was desired, I am compelled to add only $.02 worth of
> concurring opinion.  I have been made to feel like an
> or worse by some in 'the other' fish organization we are familiar with.
> like you, believe that conservation is really part of most people's ethic,
> albeit many do not participate to any degree in political activism.  But
> try to say because one supports conservative politicians means one is
> conservative environmental ideals is ignorant at best and grossly
> at worst.
> Bruce Scott
> Meridian, Idaho