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NFC: Fw: Nature Conservancy Nature News, August 2000

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NATURE CONSERVANCY Nature News for August 2000

Welcome to Nature News - our once a month peek 
into the state of the planet. Learn what lands,
waters, plants and animals The Nature Conservancy 
is working to save and where to find more information. 
For general information about The Nature Conservancy 
please visit our Web site: http://www.tnc.org


1. Campaign for Conservation
2. Stand by Your Land
3. Last Frontier's New Frontiers
4. Buffalo Seeks Conservationist
5. Fast Fact - Dog Days of Summer 


1. Campaign for Conservation

From the Maine woods to South Pacific tropical atolls,
The Nature Conservancy is working with local partners 
to preserve 200 high-priority Last Great Places 
through the Campaign for Conservation. This $1 billion 
effort will create a blueprint for conservation action 
in the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific.

To learn more, visit: 


2. Stand by Your Land

Three million acres of open space disappear each year 
in the United States. In its efforts to protect 
biodiversity in such disappearing lands and waters, 
The Nature Conservancy is partnering with land trusts. 
The Nature Conservancy is combining its landscape-scale 
conservation resources, with land trusts' concerns for 

To read more, click:  


3. Last Frontier's New Frontiers

The Alaska Conservancy's Great Places in the Great Land 
campaign recently received a $1 million gift from Phillips. 
The gift will help the Alaska Conservancy produce a 
conservation blueprint to be used for land-use choices 
that benefit both the ecological and economic health of 
the last frontier state.

To find out more, go to:  


4.  Buffalo Seeks Conservationist

Six feet tall, sharp beard, stylish shaggy brown coat, 
likes wildflowers, eats 30-50 pounds daily. Meet 
Thunderfoot. He is one of 1200 bison on the Conservancy's 
Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in Oklahoma. The bison are 
key players in efforts to preserve and restore one of 
the last great expanses of American prairie. You can 
help by adopting a bison, (just don't take it home). 

For more information and to adopt online, click:  


5. Fast Fact - Dog Days of Summer

The steamy months of July and August are traditionally known 
as the dog days of summer and named for Sirius, the Dog Star. 
Sirius, one of the night sky's brightest stars, rises and 
sets with the sun beginning in early July. Ancient people 
believed the radiant star was the source of the hot days 
at summer's end.


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