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Re: NFC: suckers!

I was mainly concerned of they are detrimental to water quality. I would
imagine that the young provide forage for other species as well. If any of
you are familiar with the Fox river, you know that water quality is not
very good. I know that most of that is due to pollution and other factors,
but figured if the Suckers and Carp are contibuting to this, then if/when I
catch one while fishing, I would not return it to the water. I'll have to
find out if they are native as well.


Ty_Hall at eFunds_Com wrote:
> My brother and I where out catfishing last night and he hooked into a
> fairly large sucker. The fish was probably around 12 - 15 inches long and
> we released it. It got me to thinking, I know that Carp can be
> to a watershed but what about Suckers? I have heard that they are bad and
> know of people that will kill them, if they catch them. But was wondering
> what's the truth. Are they good, bad or does it depend? Any comments?
> Ty

I suspect it depends, Ty.

If it is an introduced species that is stealing food, breeding space, etc.
from natives it might be bad for the habitat.

If it is a native, it might well be protected (as many here in CA are) and
killing it would make you the target of the green bigot brigade. That could
be bad for *you*.

Generally, I don't think most suckers are bad for their environment, like
carp can be. They are often killed because they slightly resemble the
much-hated carp, which I think is a shame. If you aren't inclined to eat it
(and aren't certain it is an "exotic"), return it. That's my $0.02.


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