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Re: NFC: suckers!

Ty_Hall at eFunds_Com wrote:
> My brother and I where out catfishing last night and he hooked into a
> fairly large sucker. The fish was probably around 12 - 15 inches long and
> we released it. It got me to thinking, I know that Carp can be detrimental
> to a watershed but what about Suckers? I have heard that they are bad and
> know of people that will kill them, if they catch them. But was wondering
> what's the truth. Are they good, bad or does it depend? Any comments?
> Ty

I suspect it depends, Ty.

If it is an introduced species that is stealing food, breeding space, etc.
from natives it might be bad for the habitat.

If it is a native, it might well be protected (as many here in CA are) and
killing it would make you the target of the green bigot brigade. That could
be bad for *you*.

Generally, I don't think most suckers are bad for their environment, like
carp can be. They are often killed because they slightly resemble the
much-hated carp, which I think is a shame. If you aren't inclined to eat it
(and aren't certain it is an "exotic"), return it. That's my $0.02.


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