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NFC: reef relief

Reef Relief - http://www.reefrelief.org
EPA Proposes New Rule to require AWT in Coastal South Florida
               Speak Out at the Public Hearings:
                          NEXT WEEK!
                  August 22 - Tampa, FL
                  August 24 - West Palm Beach, FL
                      August 18, 2000
1) EPA Proposes New Rule to require AWT in Coastal South Florida
2) FKNMS - Upper Florida Keys Region Brochure now online.
3) State of the Reef Address, 2000. by Craig Quirolo.
4) Join our grassroots efforts to save the coral reefs.
1) EPA Proposes New Rule to require AWT in Coastal South Florida
The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency is proposing a new
rule on injection wells to protect underground drinking water
supplies and coastal waters in South Florida. For over 20
years, municipalities in Florida have used underground
injection to dispose of secondarily treated sewage from
domestic wastewater treatment facilities. Through Class I
wells, drilled 1000 to 3000 feet into the ground, this waste
was suppose to be confined to deep aquifers and not move
upward. Unfortunately, in South Florida, the porous geology
of the area allows the injected waste to migrate through
cracks and fissures, upwelling into fresh water aquifers
and coastal areas that contain coral reefs.  This lack of
confinement of sewage wastes violates current rules for deep
well discharge. 
South Florida now injects about 450 million gallons of
waste a day into these wells, accounting for about one
third of the wastewater generated in the state. South
Florida is also entirely dependent upon underground
sources for drinking water. Coral reefs, too, need clear,
clean nutrient-free waters to thrive and an overabundance
of nutrients has led to massive macroalgal blooms along
the Palm Beach coast. See related article at:
WHAT CAN I DO . . . to get Clean Water NOW?!
If you reside in Florida, Speak out at the
Public Hearings:
August 22nd;  1:00-4:00 PM &  6:00-9:00 PM
              Travelodge, 820 East Bush Blvd, Tampa, Fl.
August 24th;  1:00-4:00 PM &  6:00-9:00 PM  –
              Sheraton West Hotel, 630 Clearwater Park Road,
              West Palm Beach, Fl. 
Please take a moment to view our Action Alert on this
issue for more ways to help promote AWT to Protect
Underground Sources of Drinking Water and Coastal South
Florida, and review REEF RELIEF's official comments to the
EPA at the following URL:
2) FKNMS - Upper Florida Keys Region Brochure now online.
Reef Relief is proud to announce that the new Florida Keys
National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS) Upper Florida Keys Region
brochure is now online!
In cooperation with the Florida Keys National Marine
Sanctuary, Reef Relief® develops and distributes
multilingual educational brochures which describe
Florida’s coral reef ecosystem and the locations of
mooring buoys. It provides eco-friendly tips for divers,
snorkelers, fishermen and boaters on how to appreciate
North America’s third longest coral barrier reef without
having an adverse impact on the reef’s health.
These online documents contain detailed maps of the
mooring buoy locations throughout the Florida Keys.
To view the online brochure and accompanying maps of the
Upper Keys Marine Sanctuary, goto:
3) State of the Reef Address, 2000. by Craig Quirolo.
This year's State Of The Reef Address was delivered by Craig
Quirolo, founder and Director of Marine Projects, during the
Annual Reef Relief membership meeting held in Key West on
Thursday, July 27, as part of Reef Awareness Week 2000.
It features over 80 images from his Coral Photo Monitoring
Survey, which has been ongoing since 1993.
You may view the State of the Reef Address at:
or by going to our main page and clicking on the headline:
4)  Join our grassroots efforts to save the coral reefs!
REEF RELIEF is a non-profit membership organization
dedicated to Preserve and Protect Living Coral Reef
Ecosystems through local, regional, and global efforts.
Reef Relief relies on memberships, contributions, and
volunteer efforts. Join our grassroots efforts to save the
reef! All contributions are tax deductible to the fullest
extent of the law.
The basic membership contribution of $30.00 entitles you to
a one year membership, the quarterly newsletter REEF LINE by
mail, a window decal, bumper sticker, invitations to special
events, and all membership privileges.
You may find out more and/or join online at:
You may Contact and/or Visit us at:
        Reef Relief
        P.O. Box 430
        Key West, Florida, 33041
        Environmental Center & Store
        201 William Street
        Key West, Florida, 33040
        Phone: (305) 294-3100
        Fax:   (305) 293-9515
        email: reef at bellsouth_net
        web:   http://www.reefrelief.org
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Robert Rice
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