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Re: NFC: Corkscrew val...

Corkscrew Val. seems to have become rare in the stores out here on the left
coast. When I do see it, it is often quite poor specimens at outrageous
prices. It *is* a great plant, too.

If someone with some Corkscrew Val. has a really deep tank, I'd be happy to
trade for some descendants of a large straight Val. I collected from the
Moapa R. a few years ago. It gets leaves 2-3' long and is another aggressive
runner producer. 

[That's how I ended up with the endangered *Crenichthys baileyi moapae*,
White River Springfish, in my tanks. The eggs were on the Val, and hatched
in a bucket in my back yard.]


"Gary Rollwage (Arlington Corp Annex)" wrote:
> FYI...If you haven't tried this plant....I highly recomend it,
> It even takes low light (1 watt per gal). It sends out runners
> and will slowly take over your tank.
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> Regards,
> Gary Rollwage
> 1600 Marie Terrace
> Arlington, TX  76010
> grollwag at oilstates_com
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