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NFC: Invitation for NNew York NFC members to camp and collect

"Rational" rational at dellnet_com wrote


    If I get to know any NFC members in my area I will be sure to invite
them.   They would have to rough it though - camping only.   There are =
motels nearby for wimps.    The pond is off the delaware river an I have
access rights to the river.   For nearby attractions: =
http://www.portjervisny.org/toptenpi.htm.    I have invited very few =
people as of yet because my pond has been a big mudhole for the last 4 =

    There is also a very large swamp (five miles x 1mile) called the =
bashakill (or basher kill) within 30 miles.   There are no trees on the =
bashakill and it averages around 4' deep and has a central channel (20' =
wide x 6' deep)  that flows through it.   It is fun to canoe through the
channels (and a little creepy).   The water is tea colored and full of =
plants: http://www.torreybotanical.com/whudson/nybashakill.html.    I =
have caught lake chub there and some sort of small sunny by dip net.   =
There are many different kinds of fish in it.  =20

    I looked at the northern redbelly dace and I think it's perfect.   =
Now how do I get some?  Your http://www.jurrassicfishes.com/ link does =
not work.  Are there any online bait shops that carry them?  I was =
having a hard time finding any.

    I would like more than one species.   Are there any others?

                Brian  =20