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from the new NFC store at



NFC On-Line Store


Join the NFC and recieve our quarterly newsletter the Flier click here for a free text sample issue. You will also meet folks with similar interests, help conservation and help save our fishes all for just 10 bucks. What do we do with the money? We support the Adopt A Tank Program putting Native Fish in Classrooms all across the Continent. We support the hunt for the Blue Pike we think it's not extinct. We support the NFC breeders program breeding and documenting life histories of unusual natives. We support the Exotics Removal Program which permantly removes hundreds of exotic fishes from southern waters. We don't support overheads, as we have no salaries, no offices , just us crazy grassroots , conservation in action fish heads. All of us volunteer our time efforts and office stuff because we love Native Fish. So help us do what we love to do join the NFC. Your membership matters.

If you can join via Pay Pal , you get a $5 bonus for joining paypal and we get a $5 bonus for referring you. So NFC membership is only $5 to you and $15 to us. If paypal is to much of a hassle join via CCNOW a straight no join, online transaction .Anyway you can just JOIN , We need you.