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NFC: Re: colors

Has anyone noticed how fish that come out of murky waters are often very 
muted in coloration?  I caught a largemouth bass out of one of the few bodies 
of water (a resevoir) around here that isn't clear-watered and the bass was a 
very washed out light greenish/gray color.  From the same body of water, I 
dipnetted a couple of 1" black bullheads that were the lightest tan/gold 
colored I'd ever seen a bullhead.  They've now been in my aquarium for a week 
and are getting fairly dark, but not real black yet.  The same for a small 
crappie from the same waters - nearly translucent when caught and now showing 
some blue/silver typical of white crappies.  In another resevoir about 10 
miles away, the black bullheads are black, the crappie are silver/blue and 
the largemouth bass are a deep green/gray color.  This resevoir is relatively 
clear-watered.  As I mentioned, once the small fish I've netted are kept in 
the clear water of my aquariums, they darken right up.  I would expect just 
the opposite as the darker colors would be less obvious in the murkier water. 
 Any thoughts on the subject?
Bruce Scott
Meridian, Idaho