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Re: NFC: My collecting trip...

On Thu, 17 Aug 2000 BR0630 at aol_com wrote:

> Luke
> That sounds like a fun collecting trip, up by Stockton Resevoir above 
> Springfield and across the top of the Ozarks? 

Yep, it was good.  It was on Big Saline Creek, which is East of the Lake
of the Ozarks by about 10 miles.  Towards the northern reach of the

> Did you have to let your umbrella net set very long before fish came into it?

No, not really.  A minute or two in most cases.  The bag of dog food in
the center helped a bit I think...that and staying completely
motionless.  Once they got wise though after 4 or 5 pulls, I had to move
it a few feet.  Also, slowly grinding my heels in the gravel and kicking
up some debris helped to, they seemed drawn to the "dust cloud".

How are you folks faring with the wildfires up there?  Hope all is well.