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Re: NFC: Fw: Texan needs collecting help


Suggest for a start that you go to the Texas Natural History Museum site 
(yeah, that's UT).  The url is http://www.utexas.edu/depts/tnhc/.www/fish/.  
They have a pretty extensive collection of Texas fishes, and their collection 
is documented in an online database.  You can search for your county(ies), 
and or specific fishes and find where and when they were collected.  Then get 
out your road maps and try to find the spots.  Good luck!
Jack in Austin
> hello my name is robert and i am an aquarium hobbiest.
>  i am interested in collecting  native fish in texas so
>  that i may learn more about the fish that are native
>  to my local rivers.i live in south texas and my
>  question is , is there a web site were i may find out
>  what kind of fish i may find in texas. any information
>  on this topic i would appreciate if you would email me
>  with any info  
>         thanks robert
>  robrj24 at yahoo_com

Jack Lehman, Austin TX  
No sense being pessimistic;
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