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NFC: Re: Native Fish Conservancy Digest V2 #223

Jeff, I know what you mean.  I deal with it by getting this list in digest 
form- one email a day.  I hope you can stick around- there's some good stuff 
in the mix.
    Unsuscribe to NFC and then resubscribe to NFC-digest.
    Pierre Gagne
    Kensington, MD

<< Dear Mr Rice, I joined NFC in hopes that I could find some collecting
 partners. Thus far no one wants to go and I am getting TONS of SPAM,
 mostly redundant
 stuff. Yesterday I received 57 emails from various sources mostly re
 this book.
 I DO NOT want all this as I get enough that I have time for. Please take
 me off the list for the present time . Thank you, Jeff Hallett >>