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NFC: press release nfc

Native Fish Conservancy Implements Exotic Removal Program
St. Paul, MN, August 17, 2000 – The Native Fish Conservancy (NFC)
announced today that it has implemented an unique program that helps the
environment, raises funds for conservation and increases public knowledge
about the destructive presence of exotic species in our watersheds.
Throughout the Deep South, dozens of exotic species, mainly from aquarium
releases or misguided stocking programs, are putting incredible pressure
on our native fishes. Some native fishes are even being threatened to
point of extinction.
NFC has a partial solution: Exotic Removal Teams (ERTs). Native Fish
Conservancy members visit local bodies of water on a regular basis,
collecting exotic species like oscars and jewel cichlids from the wild
waters. Those fish that are small and suitable for shipping are sold to
wholesalers and individuals above the Mason Dixon line. The remaining
exotics are terminated humanely. On a typical collecting day, hundreds of
exotics are removed and the waters are once again made safe for native
The NFC’s program is open to all interested parties. Individuals and
groups who would like to start their own Exotic Removal Team will receive
free online web support, including help doing online orders, technical
support, collecting data, and the benefits of the NFC's non-profit status
in aquiring collecting and equipment permits. In return, the NFC asks
that ERTs provide reports on their activities activities, a voluntary
quarterly donation, and adherence to existing state and federal laws.
There is one final mandate from the NFC: Never release an exotic species
into the wild. 
To organize your own Exotic Removal Team, contact
President at nativefish_org . This program is an excellent way for high
schools and fish hobbyists to contribute to conservation efforts while
earning extra money.
About the NFC 
The NFC is a Federal 501c conservation association, committed to
supporting conservation activities across the country. The NFC’s website
contains native fish related articles, photos, email lists, discussion
groups and information about current conservation activities, including
the Adopt-A-Tank Program, The Breeders Club, The Blue Pike Page, Kids
Corner, The Exotics Removal Program, and an exclusive online store
selling the artwork of Joe Tomelleri. 
Robert Rice, President
Native Fishes Conservancy
president at nativefish_org
SOURCE: Native Fishes Conservancy

Robert Rice
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