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NFC: They're heeere!

The fish I won in the recent auction arrived from Bruce, today, in
*excellent* condition despite the heat.

The tadpole madtoms look like something to *not* put in tanks with my
smaller killies. No? What a *mouth*!

The Sunfish (pumpkinseed and zebrinus) look happy and active. I think they
will be fun pets. 

I suspect I'll want a tank with some serious current for the speckled dace.
Wet-dry filter for the extra oxygen?

The only ones of these I *think* I know how to go about breeding are the
Fundulus crysotus. 

The pygmy crayfish look like a real challenge! Cute as any bugs ever get,
tho. :-)

Any helpful advice on care and feeding of any of these guys would be deeply
appreciated. [I bet others on the list would enjoy hearing from those who
have been there, done that, too.] Pointers to web sites are also helpful.



PS. My fishroom is now air-conditioned, so I can keep some of these fish
going in our rare hot spells. I'm holding one end of it in the lower 70s.
Outside has been 90+, lately.

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