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NFC: Photos, Etc of North American Killies Needed

I will be presenting a talk at the Killie Review in Xenia Ohio, Sept 2nd
2000, called "The North American Killifishes".  I would like to present a
brief survey of the species and show photos of the fish and their habitats
and possibly range maps.  I need slides of all of the above.  I can borrow
and return them, pay for duplication or whatever may suit the owner of the
image.  I can also work with digital images from the web or disk if I can
get permission.  If you have access or own any such images, please let me
know so we can discuss the possibilities.  If anyone knows how to obtain
use of species range maps, I really need guidance on that.  I can take care
of making slides from whatever format - digital, paper, etc.

The talk will be designed to educate the audience on the native species and
their conservation and research status.  Your contribution will help the
cause of the North American fishes.  Please pass this along to any possible
sources.  Thanks!

Killie Revue web site - http://www.intellweb.com/gcka/kr00.htm

I will be out of town at the NANFA convention August 17-21, so there may be
a delay in my response to emails or calls this week.  I will catch up on my
mail when I get back.


Mark Binkley
PO Box 1231
Worthington OH 43085-1231
mbinkley at earthling_net
Phone 614-844-6042