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Re: NFC: Gainesville fl collectors needed

You wrote: 

>>  Any one the Gainesville area want to help me with a Pond 
>>  sampling...Its an Audubon pond  they want to restore...!

I'M HAVING A HARD TIME BELIEVING THIS ... I've been browsing the NFC site for the last 30 minutes, and not three minutes ago started to write YOU an email asking "who's in Gainesville that did the J. floridae stocking?" ... but canceled out of that, figuring that I should lurk for a while first ....

Anyway, I have no experience with doing that in particular, but enjoy mucking around in ponds and looking for little fish ... so (schedules permitting, of course) count me in.



Doug Dame (AKA, NANFA pending)
Gainesville (work and long-time residence) 
   / Interlachen (current home)