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Re: NFC: Re:

Dear Jeff,

	I emphatize with your dismay at this initial "overwhelming"
introduction to the NFC mailing list. But, may I request that you bear
with us for some time ... I am sure that sooner or later, you will find
the information you seek. 

	An internet mailing list is like siening ... you will get plenty
of silvery junk (i.e. unneeded emails) but sooner or later, you will find
a dazzling jewel (i.e. a request for collecting partners in your area).

	The trick that I use is the delete key for emails whose subject
line is not of your interest even before reading them. This way the
interesting emails remain manageable.

	btw, I am in the Chicago area and if you are in the neighbourhood,
I'd be glad to go collecting sometime. 


On Mon, 14 Aug 2000, Jeff Hallett wrote:

> Dear Mr Rice, I joined NFC in hopes that I could find some collecting
> partners. Thus far no one wants to go and I am getting TONS of SPAM,
> mostly redundant
> stuff. Yesterday I received 57 emails from various sources mostly re
> this book.
> I DO NOT want all this as I get enough that I have time for. Please take
> me off the list for the present time . Thank you, Jeff Hallett