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NFC: Joe Tomelleri Joins the NFC Board

Native Fish Conservancy Adds Board Member
St. Paul, MN, August 11, 2000 – The Native Fish Conservancy announced
today that Joe Tomelleri has joined its Board of Directors. Kansas City
Artist Joseph R. Tomelleri graduated with an Master’s Degree in Biology
from Fort Hays State University. After working briefly as a botanist, Joe
turned full time to illustration. Since that time, he has traveled more
than 135,000 miles to collect live fishes for his scientific renderings.
His 750 plus illustrations have appeared in more than 200 publications,
including 25 books, scores of magazines, advertisements, greeting cards,
T-shirts, furniture, posters, trading cards, newspapers, and
identification guides.
In other news, the Native Fishes Conservancy recently announced that it
has undertaken full funding of Ray Katula's Crystal Darter (Crystallaria
asprella) breeding project. Ray is an expert in many facets of unusual
fishes, including their habitat requirements, characteristics, feeding,
and breeding techniques on unusual fishes. He has breed and reared over
100 native species. Katula’s results will be made public on the NFC
website at www.nativefish.org. 
About the NFC 
The NFC is a Federal 501c conservation association, committed to
supporting conservation activities across the country. The NFC’s website
contains native fish related articles, photos, email lists, discussion
groups and information about current conservation activities, including
the Adopt-A-Tank Program, The Breeders Club, The Blue Pike Page, Kids
Corner, The Exotics Removal Program, and an exclusive online store
selling the artwork of Joe Tomelleri. 
Robert Rice, President
Native Fishes Conservancy
president at nativefish_org
SOURCE: Native Fishes Conservancy