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RE: NFC: Re:book

OK,  at this point there are 7 interested parties :) for the American
Aquarium Fishes book

My policy will be to collect the money first, then order the books, and

There are two methods of payment I can accept = check/money order for $72.97
mailed to the below address and payable to Sachs Systems Aquaculture, or use
my PayPal setup.  PayPal link is on my front page for the book American
Aquarium Fishes.  (if you have to sign up for PayPal or want to sign up,
Robert would like the new account $5.00 bonus which you get as well.  Robert
sent the link and it is also on the NFC site )  Or you can go to the PayPal
site, and use my email address = deano at aquaculturestore_com to pay for the
book as well.

I will order the books on Thursday,  August 17th, (next week) so have your
check/money order or PayPal here by then (Snail Mail should reach me in time
if you send Saturday or Monday).

Interested NFC Members :)

Jim Capelle
Norman Edelen
James Graham
Wright Huntley
Charles Anderton
David Meyers
Mark Binkley

If I missed your name, or you decide you want the book and haven't contacted
me, just use the PayPal link on my site (address below)

If there's any confusion, or you have questions - you can call during
business hours  9 AM - 5 PM EST - 904-824-6308.


Paul Sachs

Sachs Systems Aquaculture
Paul Sachs
1185 Thompson Bailey Rd
St. Augustine, Florida  32095
(904) 824 - 6308
mailto:deano at aquaculturestore_com
Web Page: