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RE: NFC: Re:book

	What David Hoff's books do you have and at what price ?

	Also I don't use credit cards, therefore "PayPal" is out
	How about money orders or personal check ?


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	here's the poop = the book will go for $72.97 at 4 copies,  If I can
get 6
	more people, I can get it down a further $2.00 ea or $70.97 sign
sealed and

	I'll give it another day, and then post a PayPal setup for it on my
	At present I have Mark B., David Meyers, Charles, and Brian.

	You'll have to excuse my procedures, but I still have three of David
	books sitting on my shelf :)  and I'm selling that a little cheaper
the he
	himself is :)


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	Here too!
	West Linn, OR
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	> I'm interested too Paul.
	> Charlie A.
	> > > Robert Rice
	> > > Save those Fishes,  Join the Native Fish Conservancy
	> > > http://www.nativefish.org
	> > > Love those gartersnakes? visit
	> > > http://gartersnake.net
	> > >
	> > I'm interested.
	> > David
	> >