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If everyone wants, I will carry this book on FishBookStore.com

If you click on the link you see:

American Aquarium Fishes
by Robert J. Goldstein with Rodney W. Harper and Richard Edwards

For many tropical fish hobbyists and breeders, information on aquarium
keeping is limited to goldfish and exotic fishes commonly available in pet
stores. Existing guides ignore native American species simply because few
people have collected, kept, and successfully propagated them, and reliable
information is difficult to find. In American Aquarium Fishes, Robert J.
Goldstein and other serious aquarists applying their specialized expertise
on North American fishes have compiled a comprehensive guide to hundreds of
native fishes suitable for the home aquarium.
American Aquarium Fishes corrects misconceptions about minnows and suckers;
pygmy sunfishes and dwarf catfishes; perches and their tiny relatives, the
darters; and even the mysterious blind cave fishes. This first-of-its-kind
guide provides step-by-step instructions on where to find, how to identify,
how to catch, and how to keep and breed these and many other native fishes.
Goldstein explains why fishes occur where they do, discusses protected
species, and offers guidance on the rules for collecting in each state. He
also gives detailed instructions on how to transport and ship native fishes
across the country and around the world.

A chapter on aquarium plants by Richard Edwards provides details on
collecting and propagating the most adaptable and beautiful aquatic plants
likely to be encountered by fish collectors anywhere.

Goldstein has provided a unique tool for American naturalists and has added
a new dimension to the international hobby of breeding aquarium fishes.
Destined to become the standard guide for maintaining and breeding American
fishes, American Aquarium Fishes will be useful to aquarists, hobbyists, and

ROBERT J. GOLDSTEIN, whose Ph.D. is in microbiology and parasitology, is an
environmental consultant in Raleigh, North Carolina, and serves on the
Habitat and Environmental Protection Advisory Panel of the South Atlantic
Fishery Management Council.

Number Twenty-eight: W. L. Moody, Jr., Natural History Series

American Aquarium Fishes
0-89096-880-2 cloth $99.95
LC 99-043786. 8 1/2x11. 448 pp. 118 color, 260 b&w photos. 24 line drawings.
Bib. Index.
Natural History. Natural Science. Reference Books.

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A brief  description of the book might be nice. I would be more inclined
to purchase
with a little more info on the contents. Thanks, Jeff

robert a rice wrote:

> AMERICAN AQUARIUM FISHES, a featured new book in Texas A&M Unversity
> Press's fall 2000 catalog is described at
> www.tamu.edu/upress/books/2000/goldstei.htm.  The retail price is
> $99.99.You
> may order online or call 800-826-8911.   The book will be available to
> retailers at a 40 to 45% discount and to wholesalers at a discount up
> to 50%.
> Call the toll free number for a credit application and appropriate
> discount
> card.   800-826-8911.  Prospective customers can call that number for
> information about setting up a new account as well as to order books.
> Gayla
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