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NFC: Re:

A brief  description of the book might be nice. I would be more inclined
to purchase
with a little more info on the contents. Thanks, Jeff

robert a rice wrote:

> AMERICAN AQUARIUM FISHES, a featured new book in Texas A&M Unversity
> Press's fall 2000 catalog is described at
> www.tamu.edu/upress/books/2000/goldstei.htm.  The retail price is
> $99.99.You
> may order online or call 800-826-8911.   The book will be available to
> retailers at a 40 to 45% discount and to wholesalers at a discount up
> to 50%.
> Call the toll free number for a credit application and appropriate
> discount
> card.   800-826-8911.  Prospective customers can call that number for
> information about setting up a new account as well as to order books.
> Gayla
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> Associates, Inc.
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