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NFC: End of Contest!

Today is the FIRST DAY OF AUGUST, 2000.  As such, the our contest has

Wanted:  Your TRUE collecting stories in three categories:  Funniest
Story, Most Adreniline Pumping Story (Scary/Exciting Story), and Most
Unbeliable (But True) Story!  The first prize winner gets :  One Joe T.
Print from the Killie Collecting, and Two 1 YR Memberships in the NFC
(One for you, one for a friend)  Second Prize:  Two 1 Yr memberships.

Submissions are as follows:

Chuck Church discovers Statute of Limitations with Mother.
Paul Sach's Brother reveals fear of snakes
Josh Wiegert sets a fish trap

Most Adreneline Pumping:
Chuck Church discovers snake in the seine, for the first time.
Bill Hope, The Lone Ranger.
D. Martin Moore goes for a swim

Most Unbeliavable Story:
Wright Huntley meets Connor MacCanine. 
Chuck Church joins the Polar Bear Club.

Due to the small volume -- there's only three submissions in each
category, and Chuck Church is in all of them -- EVERYONE is going to win
something..... We just have to decide who gets first and who gets
second. :)

Joshua L. Wiegert
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