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NFC: Fw: DENlines Issue 20

DENlines Issue #20
Defenders Electronic Network (DEN)
Friday July 28, 2000

1.   CONGRESS: Historic Conservation Funding Bill Advances 

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee this week passed 
the Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA), an historic $2.8 billion 
conservation funding bill that will support federal and state
programs to protect our oceans and coasts, conserve wildlife habitat, 
and help states and local communities protect wildlife and local 
green spaces. With the House already having passed similar legislation 
there is a good chance the measure will become law this year. Defenders 
and other conservationists are pressing the White House to assure the 
final language includes some urgently needed safeguards and improvements,

such as the removal of incentives for new offshore drilling. 

To learn more about this legislation, click here: 

2.   CONGRESS II: Pristine N.C. Coastline Saved 

Thanks in part to DEN activists, an anti-environmental provision 
threatening sections of the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge and 
the Cape Hatteras National Seashore in North Carolina was stripped 
from a Senate spending bill.  The provision contained the proposed 
building of two offshore jetties that would have interrupted the 
natural flow of sand and further eroded beaches destroying breeding 
habitat for migratory birds and endangered species, such as piping 
plovers and loggerhead sea turtles. DEN members sent more than 2,700 
faxes to their senators.

Click here for more information on anti-environmental riders:  

3.   WOLVES: Alaskans Present Signatures on Ballot To Ban Aerial Wolf

The Wolf Management Reform Coalition presented more than 30,000 
signatures to the Alaska Division of Elections to ban same-day airborne 
wolf hunting. The total was almost 15,000 more than the required 
number of signatures to put the issue on the November ballot. 

Click here for more on this story: http://www.savealaskawolves.org

4.   BEARS: Protect Bears from Illegal Trade and Poaching

A bill that would protect America's bears from poaching and illegal 
trade is scheduled for a vote on the Senate floor in September. The 
Bear Protection Act would prohibit the importing, exporting, and 
interstate trading of  bear organs, such as the gallbladder.  Faced 
with dwindling bear populations in Asia, poachers are now turning to 
North America to fuel the increasing demand for bear parts, which 
are used as medical remedies in many Asian countries. The bill 
recently passed the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

To take action, click here: http://www.denaction.org

5.   SALMON: White House Stalls on Dam Decision

The Clinton Administration announced that it would not consider the 
removal of four hydroelectric dams on the Snake River in the Pacific 
Northwest to assist in the recovery of endangered salmon. More than 
8,500 e-mails were sent by DEN activists to federal salmon managers 
supporting dam breaching as the best course for salmon recovery. 

For more information, click here: 

6.   CREATURE FEATURE: California Condor 

With a wingspan of nearly ten feet, the endangered California condor 
is the largest bird in North America.  Using warm thermal updrafts, 
they can remain in flight for hours with barely a flap of their wings.  
Unlike their close relative, the turkey vulture, condors do not have 
a strong sense of smell and instead rely on their keen eyesight to 
locate carrion.  Often they follow ravens, coyotes, golden eagles 
and other scavengers to a food  source.  One of the rarest birds in 
the world, major efforts are underway to recover this highly endangered 
species to the skies of California and Arizona.  

Click here to learn more about the California condor: 


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