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NFC: Fw: CARA Passes Out of Committee!!! (fwd)

To: CARA/TWW Supporters
From: Naomi Edelson, IAFWA
25 July 2000

Thanks to all of  YOU and many others across the country, we passed a
milestone with the 13-7 vote on CARA in the Senate Energy and Natural 
Resources Committee today.   A special thanks and recognition to those 
states with members on the committee, especially Illinois, Kentucky and 
Oregon.  Below is more information on today's committee deliberations 
including the final vote count.  Celebrate this great success (we will be

tonite) but shortly we will be in touch with you on action needed during 
the August recess so we can be ready to a full Senate vote and
conference action in September.

Summary below provided by Nancy Ledbetter, Arkansas Game and Fish 
Commission (and special thanks to her too for pitching in from the IAFWA 
office during this critical stage!!).

CARA Passes Out of Committee!!!

Chairman Murkowski (R-AK) began the meeting of the Senate Energy and 
Natural Resources Committee by pointing out that the committee had
spent nine and a half hours deliberating on CARA.  He explained that
two more hours of meeting this morning that he wanted a motion to pass
out of committee by 11am.
Senator Bingaman, (D-NM), Ranking Member, introduced a technical
related to a tiny glitch in Title 1 of the bill.  Basically, everywhere 
that a lease is mentioned in the bill it specifically excluded moratorium

area. This had been left out in one place in the bill.  The amendment was

unanimously agreed to.
Senator Thomas (R-WY) introduced a no net gain, no net loss amendment on 
additional federal ownership of lands in states with more than 25%
land.  The amendment required that if the federal government wanted to 
acquire more land (including interest in land) then an area of equal
would have to be disposed of by the Federal government. If the Governor
the state agreed to the acquisition then the 25% rule would not apply. 
amendment failed 11-9.
Senator Gorton, (R-WA) introduced an amendment that he called putting 
"first things first" which would not release any funds to any of the
of CARA until the deferred maintenance in National Parks was completed.
would require the National Park Service to certify the amount of deferred

maintenance remaining by early next year.  Senator Murkowski asked for a 
vote to table the amendment, which passed 11-9.
Senator Domenici (R-NM) proposed an amendment to change the length of the

bill from 15 years to 2 years.  Rather than authorizing funding for the 
bill for 15 years, he wanted the jurisdiction to be left in the Senate 
Energy and Natural Resources Committee and authorized every two years. 
amendment failed 13-7.
Another amendment introduced by Senator Domenici applied NEPA to land 
acquisition to the same extent as it applies to land disposal.  Senator 
Bingaman pointed out that there has been an effort not to change the 
application of NEPA and several expressed concerns about extending the 
reach of NEPA.  The amendment was defeated 13-7.
Senator Dorgan (D-ND) proposed an amendment that requires the U.S. Fish
Wildlife Service to map permanent easements within 48 months.  Prior to 
1976, there was no mapping, so for 80% of easements no mapping exists. 
Appropriations Committee would have to appropriate funds for this.  The 
amendment passed with no objections.
Senator Nickles (R-OK) introduced an amendment to sunset CARA after 5
instead of 15 years.  Senator Bingaman and others opposed, pointing out 
that stable funding is needed, so that planning can be accomplished.  The

amendment failed 11-9.
A second amendment proposed by Senator Nickles required that the owner of

property that the federal government purchases must be a willing seller
would strike the phrase "unless otherwise authorized by Congress" in the 
current bill.  Several opposed, pointing out that that amendment would
to limit what future Congresses could do. After accepting an amendment to

limit the application to future legislation, concern was still expressed 
that it would limit the several formulations the Congress has used
to limit acquisition.  The amendment was defeated 12-8.
Senator Craig (R-ID) proposed an amendment on western water law although
did not have any final language.  Senator Bingaman said that if the
is that the bill did not enhance or diminish any express or implied water

rights that he could support it.  The amendment passed with a voice vote 
subject to the staff working out specific language to implement the
of the Committee.
Senator Burns (R-MT) proposed an amendment on forest stewardship, but he 
had no final language because the majority and minority staff had not 
agreed on the amendment.  Senator Murkowski says he will support this 
amendment if it is offered on the Senate floor.  The amendment was
Chairman Murkowski calls for a final vote on CARA and it passed 
13-7.  Those voting for included Chairman Murkowski, Ranking Member 
Bingaman, Senator Smith (R-OR), Senator Bunning (R-KY), Senator
(R-IL), Senator Akaka (D-HI), Senator Dorgan, Senator Graham (D-FL), 
Senator Wyden (D-OR), Senator Johnson (D-SD), Senator Landrieu (D-LA), 
Senator Bayh (D-IN), and Senator Lincoln (D-AR).  Those voting against
Senator Domenici, Senator Nickles, Senator Craig, Senator Campbell,
Thomas, Senator Gorton, and Senator Burns.

Naomi Edelson
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