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Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 12:05:51 -0500
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I just got back from DC and will attach also the latest update.  I'll
cut and paste it and assume that will be less of a problem in
etc....The Energy and Nat. Resources Committee did extend discussions
Monday but here's the latest from the International:

In this Update:

- Senate Markup
- NGA Commends Senate Efforts on CARA
- Over 300 Conservation Groups Sent Support Letter to Energy Committee

Senate Markup

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee resumed consideration
CARA today. The Committee considered five of the 20-some amendments
expected. Of the five amendments, one was defeated 8-11, one passed by
unanimous voice vote and three were withdrawn for redrafting and later
consideration. See below for a summary of the amendments.

The markup only went for about 2 1/2 hours due to the same Senate rule
was invoked yesterday. There is an obscure longstanding rule in the
that allows only two hours of committee activity when the Senate is in
session. This rule is never enforced but can be when any senator objects
further activity of a committee. What happened both yesterday and today
that a senator (opposed to CARA) anonymously raised this objection to
Energy committee business after two more hours of committee activity. In
return, Energy committee Chairman Frank Murkowski used the same rule to
shut down business in the rest of the Senate committees. This may happen
again tomorrow.

Here is a rough summary of the amendments and actions based on our best
interpretations (we do not have any written amendments or summaries from
the committee):


#1      Thomas - mandated no net loss in private land in states where the
federal government owns more than 25% of the land. In order for the
government to acquire land in one of these states, it must sell federal
land of equal value. (Amendment temporarily withdrawn for redrafting)

#2      Nickles - required CARA to go through the annual appropriations
process. (Amendment failed 8-11)

Ayes - Domenici, Nickles, Craig, Campbell, Thomas, Smith, Gorton, Burns
Nays - Murkowski, Fitzgerald, Bingaman, Akaka, Dorgan, Graham, Wyden,
Johnson, Landrieu, Bayh, Lincoln
Not Present - Bunning

*If your senators are on the Energy committee and are making supportive
statements and voting favorably for CARA, please contact them and thank
them for their support for CARA. They need to know their constituents
appreciate and support their positive action on CARA. There is always a
chance of the balance of support for CARA in the committee to shift in
either direction.

#3      Burns - the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture shall consult
with governors regarding proposed federal acquisitions in their states.
(Both Murkowski and Bingaman agreed to support this amendment, it passed
unanimous voice vote)

#4      G. Smith - CARA funding used for state and local acquisition
be used for adverse condemnation, it must be used to purchase land from
willing sellers only. (Amendment temporarily withdrawn for redrafting)

#5      Domenici - any land acquisition purchased with CARA funds shall
subject to NEPA requirements and automatically constitute a "major
action significantly affecting the human environment" therefore requiring
an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) before the funding could be
appropriated. (Amendment temporarily withdrawn for redrafting)

The Energy and Natural Resources Committee will continue the CARA markup
9:00AM tomorrow in 366 Dirksen Senate Office Building. To view the markup
via webcast, visit http://energy.senate.gov/schedule/schedule_frames.htm
scroll down to Friday, July 21, 2000 and click on "live webcast
If you do not have Real Player on your computer, you can download it by
clicking on the Real Player button in the lower left-hand corner of the

National Governors' Commends Senate CARA Efforts

July 19, 2000

The Honorable Frank H. Murkowski
Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
U.S. Senate
322 Senate Hart Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510-0202

Dear Mr. Chairman:

On behalf of the nation's Governors, we are writing to commend your
and dedication to marking up legislation that shares a meaningful portion
of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) mineral revenues with states and
territories. Time is running short in this legislative session and the
Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee must advance a bipartisan
legislative solution. We hope that a successful markup this week will be
the result of your labors.

At the National Governors' Association (NGA) Annual Meeting last week, we
discussed the OCS legislation and were directed by the NGA Natural
Resources Committee to again highlight the importance of this legislation
to the states and to the Governors. Moving legislation out of your
committee will provide the full Senate with an opportunity to vote on
historic opportunity to protect and conserve our rich cultural and

Specifically, the Governors on the NGA Natural Resources Committee
considered the property rights arguments raised and believe they should
present a barrier to passage of legislation this year. The Governors
that the House bill provides more stringent protections for private
property owners than the law currently provides by requiring new federal
land acquisitions to be from willing sellers and to receive congressional

We urge that legislation advanced during the markup provide flexibility
that states may target investments to our natural resource priorities.
Maximum flexibility will allow the states to invest in assets of lasting
value. Further, we urge that funding for programs advanced in OCS
legislation not come at the expense of other federally supported state

The reinvestment of OCS revenues is the highest natural resources
legislative priority for NGA. The Governors are united in our support for
OCS legislation and we look forward to working closely with you on
passage of this important legislative initiative. Please do not hesitate
call us directly if we can be of assistance or call Jena Carter of NGA at
(202) 624-5354.

Governor Thomas J. Vilsack
Committee on Natural Resources

Governor Frank Keating
Vice Chair
Committee on Natural Resources

c: Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
Senate Leadership

Over 300 Conservation Groups Sent Support Letter to Energy Committee

This week, hundreds of groups representing parks, wildlife, historic
preservation, farmland and coastal interests signed a letter to the
and Natural Resources Committee, supporting the CARA agreement reached by
Senators Bingaman and Murkowski. A copy of this letter will be emailed to
you separately.


Sara Marinello, Deputy Campaign Director
International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies
Tel. (202) 624-7890 / Fax (202) 624-7891
Email: saram at sso_org

Check out our web site at http://www.teaming.com!

Ken Brunson
Wildlife Diversity Coordinator                      316-672-5911
Kansas Dept. of Wildlife and Parks            kenb at wp_state.ks.us
512 SE 25th Ave.
Pratt, KS  67124

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  This is what I received.  Is this correct?  Sorry it took so long to
write back...been busy on personal projects.

Luke McClurg

On Fri, 7 Jul 2000, KEN BRUNSON wrote:

> Luke, if when you try to activate these, they are still garbage, let me
> know.  It probably relates to different versions of software or kinds. 
> you still have problems, let me know which word processing software you
> have and I can try to convert here before sending them.
> Ken Brunson
> Wildlife Diversity Coordinator                      316-672-5911
> Kansas Dept. of Wildlife and Parks            kenb at wp_state.ks.us
> 512 SE 25th Ave.
> Pratt, KS  67124
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> Subject: 	More "Fact Sheets"
> <<File: ATT16888.txt>><<File: 1 - Summary of S.2123 .doc>><<File: 
> Rights sheet.doc>><<File: Luntz memo2.doc>><<File: 
> OCS Legislation - summaries of all bills.doc>><<File: CARA for the
> West.doc>>
> To: State Fish and Wildlife Directors
>        State Teaming with Wildlife Contacts
>        Interested Others
> From: Naomi Edelson, TWW Director, IAFWA
> Attached are several "fact sheets" related to CARA that should help you
> through the difficult issues still in front of us.  Western States were
> sent hard copies as a Senate packet to be able to use in their
> meetings.  We also will put most of this on our web site.
> 1)  Budget talking points sheet - this one is NOT for regular 
> and especially not to be included in any Congressional packets.  But it
> should be useful for you to use in talking with Senators and their
> staff.  Please also let us know if there are additional points that you
> have found to be effective.
> 2) Western Vistas and values - this one is a good hand out and should
> used for wide distribution, esp. in the West. Others can adapt it for 
> communities or other areas where there are private property rights
> issues.  The basic idea of this sheet is to re frame the debate from
> negative private property rights message to the positive values of the 
> to the West, of which there are very many. Again, please adapt for your

> state as you wish.
> 3) Private Property Rights Arguments - this one attacks the myths of
> private property rights organizations by showing the "improvements"
> the House CARA bill.  We also have found to be very, very helpful the 
> colleague" letter from Congressmen Young and Tauzin. You can download 
> from the House Resources Committee web site
> our web site also links to this site under the CARA details - House
> legislation section.
> 4) Overview of All OCS related legislation - quick summaries of all
> legislation
> 5) Republican Pollster Frank Luntz memo - show strong support for
> conservation trust fund. This can esp. be helpful with Republican
> as they should recognize this pollster as credible.
> 6) Summary of S. 2123. Basic overview of each title.