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NFC: Back Ups.

Hey Everyone.

I just bought a second hydrometer for testing the salinity in my Lion's
tank.  I had th efloating glass type, which would read 1.020 regardless
of water changes and such.  Needless to say, this didn't seem right,
especially since the lion started looking really dark, sluggish, etc. 
When I tested the water with the new one, it was simply off the scale.  
(The Moral:)
Its really easy for any one of these little components to fail and begin
misreading, whether its a hydrometer a thermometer, or a heater.  In any
system, its relaly, really, important to check equipment.  Its simple
for a heater to get stuck on "On" or even for a filter to go during the
night.  For this reason, its important to try to have a back-up floating
around somewhere, and whenever you're doing maintenance: check to make
sure everything is allright. 

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