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NFC: New Contest: My Collecting Stories

Most Adrenaline Pumping Story (Scariest, etc.)

I was about 16 and collecting in Sugar Creek, Hancock County, Indiana one 
nice warm day.  When I pulled up the seine, I discovered it included a three 
foot snake coming directly at me.  First time I ever pulled a snake and have 
only done it one time since.  At the time, I was unaware that the odds were 
extremely unlikely it was a poisonous snake.  It was probably a common 
Northern Water Snake.  At the time, I was a city-boy who figured all water 
snakes were Cottonmouths.  
Most Unbelievable (But still true!) Story.  

I was about 18 and really bored one winter day.  I decided to go collecting.  
Wearing only combat boots and jeans, I ended up breaking ice and wading in to 
a cove at Geist Reservoir.  (Not sure my metabolism could handle that icy 
water now.)


 Funniest Story:

Caught my second snake at about age 19 in a seine net.  It looked sort of 
like an 8" Coral Snake, but we are way out of their range.  I took it home 
and threw it in my aquarium at my parents home; it disappeared pretty 
quickly.  I never did find it.  And never mentioned the missing snake to my 
Mom for 25 years.  I figured the Statute of Limitations were up by then.  I 
was wrong.  

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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JLW at pi_dune.net writes:

 Until the end of the month, 1/8/2000, you can submit in your (true!)
 collecting stories to the NFC.  We have three categories for you: 
 Funniest Story, Most Adreniline Pumping Story (Scariest, etc.), and Most
 Unbelievable (But still true!) Story.