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NFC: warm tanks.....

Robert Rice wrote:  I don't use chillers and my outside (backporch Tanks)
are 90 degrees or so......

here in Savannah, I have the same issue with temperature - my  tanks are on
a screen porch with a western exposure and while the water isn't quite hot
enough to parboil the critters,  it is a mite warm this time of year.
the native(?) gambusia i caught locally don't seem to mind it nor do the
bluegills they share the tank with.
I was interested in your suggestion to add some madtoms to a tank that has
that high a temp.
which flavor madtom did you have in mind?  and, planning ahead, how much
cold can they stand?  that tank is never going to freeze but it is going to
get chilly on that porch.
also, know of any native non-carp algae eaters that could survive that
i've always been leery of attempting to keep any of the really attractive
species of darters/minnows because of where that tank sits.  if you can get
away with it, maybe i can, too?