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NFC: DP: Grass Pike, collecting report

I finally found some Grass Pike yesterday.  Haven't found in about a dozen 
years.  I was on Brandywine Creek, just south of Greenfield, Indiana.  (Home 
of the poet James Whitcomb Riley - "The Old Swimming Hole," "Little Orphan 
Annie").  I had never collected that part before.  I went upstream to where 
some shallow weeds ended and looked over fast flowing, open water.  The 
second dip of the seine netted one very healthy looking specimen about 8".  
About 5 dips later, I captured another.  After working the area for about 30 
minutes, I observed only one minnow in the area, numerous crayfish and what 
was probably another Grass Pike that got away. 

1) Interesting that there were no other fish observed. Makes you wonder if 
they know where the Pike are and stay away from the area for the most part.  

2)  Any tips on best ways to set up a Grass Pike aquarium?   Last time I 
caught several and learned the hard way they must be kept well fed with 
feeder fish or they will quickly cannibalize their siblings.  Well, they try; 
they can't really swallow something their own size but will kill the other 
fish in the attempt.

3)  Anyone have any breeding tips? 

Also checked out the Blue River near Shelbyville, Indiana.  (Same area where 
the fiction book "Bears of the Blue River" pioneer era setting was.)  Nothing 
interesting to report.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA