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Re: NFC: Paypal links (and Swamp Darter comment)

Paypal is great for trusted sources like NFC. I would caution against the
use of the word "secure" in many other situations, like ebay auctions where
you are on your own in sending money to strangers. The transfer is secure,
but the results may be an unpleasant surprise.

It is *not* an escrow service, nor does it even include the expulsion
penalties of auction sites, without some fight.

I use it and love it, but I don't send anything to a stranger that I'm not
willing to lose. I'm delighted to see it here, as this is *exactly* what it
does best.


PS. Obligatory native fish comment: The Swamp Darters I collected at Avon
Park FL are starting to show some bright colors. I thought these were dull
little guys with no glitter! 

Oh well, I was wrong once before. Back in the 40s I thought I was mistaken,
but it turned out I wasn't. :^)

robert a rice wrote:
>  Join Paypal Now ...earn5$ and the nFC earns 5$ too....
> With Paypal you can easily and securly buy stuff on the web from auction
> sites like ebay or small sitres like the NFC site...chjeck it out
> https://secure.paypal.x.com/affil/pal=president%40nativefish.org

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