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NFC: Fw: A reward for joining PayPal!

As you can see we now have NFC paypal...if your going to use Paypal
please use the nFC as a referal . If you do we get  5$

Robert Rice
Save those Fishes
Join the Native Fish Conservancy

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: welcome at paypal_com
To: president at nativefish_org
Date: 16 Jul 2000 11:45:33 -0000
Subject: A reward for joining PayPal!
Message-ID: <963747933.338.qmail at superfly_confinity.com>

Dear Native Fish Conservancy,

Thank you for joining PayPal! To express our appreciation, we 
will add $5 to your account for everyone you refer to PayPal.

Just forward the email below to all your friends and family. 
When they click on the link to sign up, you'll 
get $5 as soon as they verify their account!


Did you know you can email money with PayPal?

PayPal, a free service of X.com, lets users send and receive
money online. Use PayPal.com to split restaurant tabs, collect
club dues, payfriends for movie tickets, or buy a baseball
card at an online auction. PayPal charges the money to your
credit card or bank account. It's faster, safer 
and easier than mailing a check.

As soon as you sign up and verify your bank account, PayPal will 
automatically add $5 to your balance!

We're confident you'll want to use PayPal, but if not, you can
transfer the money to your bank account at any time. No strings 
attached. Click on this link to sign up and see for yourself:

After signing up, you'll get an email like this to send to
your friends and family. PayPal will give you $5 for each
friend you refer. It's that easy!