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NFC: Fw: Collecting in Palm BeaCH Fl.

help Palm Beach area collectors please. :)

Robert Rice
Save those Fishes
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From: "Beja, Ken " <Ken.Beja at bender_com>

	Hi Robert. How's it going? I got your name off the groups website. I
was a member of Nanfa many years ago, but haven't kept fish for a while.
I'll be in the Palm Beach area at the end of this month and was wondering
you or anyone you may know could point me to any areas where I might be
to catch some ellasoma and bluefin killies in the area. I won't be there
long so I can't go exploring. I would need exact directions to the areas.
could travel somewhat but not too extensively. Any help would be
appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Ken Beja