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On 11 Jul 00, at 17:01, Joshua L. Wiegert wrote:

> I've got 33 days left to my wedding, and we're busy doing the registry
> and all that.  I may be truly idle and slow to answer mails, forward
> non-member submissions, and the like.  Please bear with me. 
How dare you have a life.


We'll just have to be patient.  As a newbie to the list I didn't have a 
previous impression of how much the traffic should be.  So you're 
doing fine.  :)

Best wishes.  May we assume that your bride knows better than to 
assume the pureed stuff thawing on the counter is meant for the 
human's dinner?  How is she at holding up her end of the seine and 
pretending not to notice the condition of your shoes at the end of a 
day's collecting?

Douglasville, Georgia