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NFC: Fw: Supplement to River Policy Update

Supplement to River Policy Update, Week of July 10, 2000

Last week, the Senate and the House passed the Military 
Construction/Supplemental spending bill.  H.R. 4425 
combines funding for fiscal year 2001 military construction 
and spending from a fiscal year 2000 emergency supplemental 
spending measure, which was in limbo earlier this 
year.  Many environmental organizations are concerned about 
a rider attached to the bill that would block a proposed 
rule by the EPA to establish tougher Total Maximum Daily 
Load (TMDL) standards.  The bill is expected to land on 
President Clinton’s desk by July 13th.  After the bill 
passed with the rider intact, President Clinton ordered the 
EPA to expedite its rulemaking for the new TMDL standards.  
Because the rider restricts funding for any “new” TMDL 
rules, if the Administration issues the new TMDL rule 
before signing this bill into law, the rider will become 

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