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NFC: Re: More seine questions

Hey I saw some good responses in here but I'm a little more frugal with the
space in my truck.  Can stuff the seine almost anywhere if I'm not lugging
handles around, so I usually grab a sturdy looking branch for each end of
the seine when I'm ready to use it.  Works fine, and that way I don't have
to have so much space taken up in the truck.

Chris Hedemark
chris at yonderway_com
"Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to a
garage makes you a mechanic."
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Subject: NFC: More seine questions

> Hi
> I finnaly bought a seine and am just wondering what to use as handles.
> I was thinking to use cut broom handles,drill holes at each ends and tie
the seine to them.
> I don't remember what Dave had on his a couple of weeks back and i used it
for a good hour.I guess i was concentrating too much on the catch.
> Thanks in advance
> Patrick
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