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Re: NFC: Sea Horses

Thanks Josh! I was about to stop looking for them. :)

Tony Gustafson

On Sat, 08 Jul 2000 20:10:42 -0400, nfc at actwin_com wrote:

>  Someone on the list was looking for a source of Dwarf Sea Horses not too
>  long ago.... I came across one earlier:
>  Live Seahorses.
>  Order 2 pair of dwarf seahorses for only 18.95 or one pregnant male
>  seahorse 14.95.  Special: 3 pair plus pregnant seahorse for only 35.95. 
>  Free shipping and catalog with order.  LIve delivery guaranteed to your
>  door.  Check/mo.  Visa/Mc.  American Exp. 
>  Seahorse Farm.  P.O. box 143103.  Coral Gables, Fl, 33114.  Ph/Fax:
>  305-667-4238.  Seafarms at aol_com
>  See AFM, July 2K.
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