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NFC: Shrimp Dinner

Hey Everyone
Bought a dozen feeder ghost shrimp for the Dwarf Fuzzy.  I've been
keeping them in a small container on top of my FW tank.  When I added
these guys, the container just so happened to be all-but filled to the
brim.  A little while later, I walked by and noticed the cat crouched on
the floor by the fish tank, munching on something.  
Instantly, my thoughts went to my discus, my Sajica....  A moment later,
my eyes caught a sliver of movement, and I saw yet another Ghost Shrimp
on the floor.  The cat soon had it and enjoyed that feeder, too.

All in all, I lost a half dozen of them.  At least three to the
floor/cat.....  The lesson is: Either don't forget to feed ALL your
systems live food or ... don't fill the container all the way up. :)  I
haven't figured that out just yet. :)
Joshua L. Wiegert
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