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NFC: Re: Collecting in NJ - HELP! (from the killies list)

Hi Joel,

NFC and NANFA probably have folks in (from) NJ that can help. The NFC list
is:  nfc at actwin_com. You may want to send a <subscribe nfc> message to
majordomo at actwin_com if you want to post to the list. Otherwise, I'll just
cc: this one there, and see what turns up.

NANFA has a link at the AKA site, as I recall. I'm sure you can find it.

Good luck,


PS. I see that Bruce just sent the NANFA stuff to the list, so you are all
fixed up!

Dickenshed at AOL_com wrote:
> A friend of mine has become interested in native fishes and wishes to go
> collecting. Now, it's been approximately 14 years since I've been collecting
> in NJ, so with all the new housing and development, I don't have a clue as to
> where to go to get some of these little guys (not that I'd remember anyway).
> We will be looking for the following:
> Black Banded Sunfish (of course!)
> Lucania parva
> Fundulus heteroclitus and Fun. diaphanus
> Cyp. varieagatus
> Swamp darters
> Any other Fundulus we can find
> Any other interesting little creatures that we happen to come across
> (sticklebacks? Pipefish? SW tropicals that got swept up in the Gulf Stream?).
> Anyone been collecting in mid-to-south Jersey lately? Any good spots to go?
> Any help is appreciated, otherwise, we'll just have to find our own spots,
> and we all know how pot-luck that is!
> Joel Antkowiak
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