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> Subject: How does a large aquarium site on the ocean affect the environment?
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>     I  am a graduate student at Johnson & Wales University in
> Providence, RI , in business and our class in marketing is using the
> proposed aquarium in New Bedford, Massachusetts, as a case study.
>     My task on the team is to discuass the environmental impact of the
> aquarium on the ocean environment.  I have material on the sediment in
> New Bedford's estuary and it has problems.
>     I know nothing about how an aquarium circulates water and chemicals
> in and out of the environment and how the attraction of large numbers of
> visitors will affect the environment. I missunderstood my task so I
> concentrated on many technical papers on the preseent condition of New
> Bedford's waters.
>     What I would like to know is what happened to the environment of
> large aquaria in the United States ( or in the world) preferably in
> similar situations as Massachusetts waters.  Maybe tropical waters are
> different.
>     I would appreciate any help.
> Karina Yesayeva