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NFC: Cosanauga trip


That trip was again a lot of fun.I learned a lot.
I also learned (again) not too bring too many fish home at one time.It just doesn't work,you crowd your tanks and some die.
I "might" even try myself at an AC article (in the rookie corner) dealing with that subject if Bruce would edit it for me.
I have to admit for me collecting fish is more fun than caring for them afterwards,i am too busy at work with 50-60 hours week.
Thanks Casper and Bruce on the killie ID.Bruce next trip remind me to handle the camera for you at times,so we can have some pics with you in it.
 From what i hear the next trip will be in Georgia.Steve all the pressure is on you,since i don't know the state that well (And hate pressure too!!).
My vote would be for going below the fall line and try for juveniles Bowfins,Pickerels and Gars but it might be a real long ride for Casper and Trishia,plus i doubt most of you are really interested in those species.
 We will probably end up in that famous triangle located in the extreme north west portion of the state which Steve knows pretty well i believe.

Best regards to all


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