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To: State 4-H Leaders, County Extension Offices, Foundation Directors,
National Program Leaders, 4-H Volunteers, Associates of National 4-H
Council, and other professionals in the youth development and education

Youth-Corporate Connections Update            Number 23       June 2000

This Update includes information on programs and grant opportunities
offered by the Youth-Corporate Connections team of National 4-H Council. 
It also includes information from other organizations and agencies that
focus on youth and the four issue areas of the Youth-Corporate
Connections team: workforce preparation, environmental stewardship,
health, wellness, and safety and sustainable communities.


1) Tree Planting Grant Available NOW - Deadline Extended to July 7, 2000
2) Funding Opportunity - Climate Change Education Materials
3) $3000 Prize for Environmental Leadership

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1)  Tree Planting Grant Available NOW - Deadline Extended to July 7, 2000

The 2000 Community Tree Planting grant is still available until July 7,
2000.  Grants of $200-$1,000 are available to youth/adult partnership
teams who wish to be involved in community tree planting and/or
reforestation and beautification projects.  For an application and more
information, check our website:

2)  Funding Opportunity - Climate Change Education Materials

To promote awareness and understanding of the potential impacts of
climate variability and change, the NASA Earth Science Enterprise (ESE)
and the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Office of Environmental
Education sponsored the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
(IGES) to develop a suite of K-12 learning activities.  These learning
activities draw on the findings of the United States Global Change
Research Program's (USGCRP)
National Assessment of the Potential Consequences of Climate Variability
and Change.  

The suite of learning activities has been completed and reviewed through
the ESE educational product review and is now ready for distribution. 
IGES is looking for innovative methods to promote the use of these
materials by educators nationwide.  To accomplish this, IGES is
soliciting proposals for projects that incorporate and promote the use of
these peer-reviewed climate change education materials for formal and
informal education purposes.  The solicitation notice, learning
activities, and application procedures can be reviewed on line at:

If you have any questions concerning the funding opportunity described
above, or would like a printed version of the learning activities and/or
solicitation notice, please contact:
Stacey Rudolph, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, 2111
Wilson Boulevard, Suite 700,
Arlington, VA 22201.
Email:  stacey_rudolph at strategies_org 
Phone: 703-875-8634     Fax:  703-875-8635
3) $3000 Prize for Environmental Leadership

Do you know a young person who has demonstrated outstanding environmental
leadership?  That young person could be eligible to receive a Brower
Youth Award.  Each of six recipients will be awarded a $3000 cash prize.

Encourage young environmental leaders to apply before August 4, 2000.

A program of Earth Island Institute, the Brower Youth Awards will
recognize innovative leadership efforts across an ethnic, geographic, and
nonpartisan cross-section of young people, from thirteen to twenty-two
years old. The prizes will highlight projects ranging from campus
organizing to restoration of habitat and will be awarded at Earth Island
Institute's 4th Annual Party for the Planet, October 14, 2000 in San
Francisco.  The details are at www.earthisland.org/bya or call
415-788-3666, x144.


Editor's Note: The next Youth-Corporate Connections Update will be
distributed in mid-July.  If you have information on publications or
programs that you would like to submit for this newsletter, please send
it by e-mail to Mary Stehle at <mstehle at fourhcouncil_edu>.  Mary can also
be reached by fax at (301)961-2894.

You can see previous issues of the Youth-Corporate Connections Update at

Check out the Youth Grants webpage at
http://www.fourhcouncil.edu/programs/grantinfo.htm.  These grants provide
opportunities for young people and adults to take action on issues
critical to their lives, their families, and their communities.  Youth
take the lead in the design of the project, the proposal writing process,
and the implementation and evaluation of funded projects.  We will
announce on this webpage when applications for grants are available.


National 4-H Council is a nonprofit organization that partners with 4-H,
the Cooperative Extension System and other organizations to pursue its
vision, implement its strategies, and accomplish its mission to be an
uncommon youth development organization fostering innovation and shared
learning for youth workers and young leaders.  National 4-H Council is
committed to a policy that all persons shall have equal access to its
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